Adsense Services

Google adsense is easiest way to generate extra revenue form website/blog Just submit your blog or website to Google for approval and if their content team approves your content, you are ready to place contextual text ads on your websites. Most of the people fail due to lack of professional advice and wisdom.

We at SEO Majesty provide Adsense optimization service to maximum revenue from google adsense program. We use advance tracking tool to for proper placement of ads, choosing between picture ads and text ads, selecting right ad size for right place.

Our Adsense Optimization Methodology:

1- Formatting website layout for multiple ad unit placements.
2- Displaying ad unit at places where user give maximum attention.
3- Placing horizontal ad unit matching with menu.
4- Placing ads on prominence palace to increase the CTR.
5- Custom channel tracking to select the best performing ad unit and remove the non performing as well.









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