Pay Per Click Services

We understand how to get success in Pay Per Click (PPC Advertising). It totally depends on applying search engine specific principles and techniques. Our PPC management services impart complete focuses on the entire major search engines; we have formulated individual procedural guidelines for undertaking PPC advertising in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our PPC Campaign Setup Process

Objective Analysis:
Before starting the PPC campaign we do intensive study of client website, product and/or service, business nature. Our analysis includes Campaign objective analysis, Website, product service analysis, Business competitors analysis, Targeted region analysis, Budget and bid amount analysis, Landing page analysis.

Comprehensive Keyword Research:
While selecting keywords for camping we always think like an end user in need of certain product. Our keyword research is based on following parameters that is less competitive keywords research, Long tailed keyword research, High Traffic Keyword Research, Geographical Keyword Research, Low and high Bid value keywords, Low & high competition keywords.

Keyword Categorization:
In this step we categorize the keywords and make small group of keywords according to product type, Geographic region, bid value, keywords theme. We Group keywords based on Geographic, bid value, traffic, theme and completion.

Ad group setup:
For better visibility and user attention we create more then one ad group as per product type and client request. We consider to Targeting appropriate keywords, Less number of keywords per ad group, Indentifying exact landing page, Dynamic keyword insertion if required, Bid value assignment to keywords to create winning Adwords ppc campaign.

Creative Ad creation:
We create multiple Ad title, ad description for each individual ad group. We are always concise and descriptive while creating ads. We are highly focused on Making Attractive ad title, Creating descriptive ad text, Keyword rich ad title and ad text, Ad copy relevant with keywords.

Landing page optimization:
Proper Landing page is required to get maximum sale out of PPC campaign. It play very important role in conversion. If landing page in not as promised in keyword and ad we will we looser. To get maximum ROI on client money we follow certain rules to optimize landing page. We Identify landing pages, Creating variations of page, Creating keyword rich landing page, Setup split text to identify best landing page.



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